Croatia September 30 - October 03 2020

The world is not just. Live with it.

Only the bravest group on the longest course will get to enjoy all of the natural wonders of the four famous islands (and more than a few man-made as well). Which is both a blessing and a curse. If you’re going to run four marathons against the clock, there is actually less time for you to stop and enjoy the place where you suddenly find yourself. Which you will definitely want to. So, for the win, your YOLO drive management might be more important than, say, your rest management. 



In short – this is it! This is what we think the trail-running should be like

Right from the start you’re taking a separate path from the 10K & 20K runners. Let them head their way, you’re not going with them. Instead, you’re going to climb to the very peak of the island. After leaving behind the narrow lanes of the town, the stone-built trail will taks you higher. It’s not that much of a steep climb, but consistent it is. The reward for your effort is waiting for you at the top. Not before you reach the top will you get the privilege to enjoy the view. And believe us… the view it is.

From there on, your run takes an even more challenging path. The technical run over the Premužić hiking trail, an architectural masterpiece, leads you to the sandy beaches of Lopar town. This is where the real adventure begins. The surfaces are changing constantly as you thrive along the trail. This is a separate part of the island – the geological park – and your feet are gonna feel it.

As the kilometers slide beneath your feet, the path is turning you back toward the finish line. You climb back against the withers, the trail becomes rougher as it gets lower and lower, until it finishes back in the old town of Rab


Standing in the starting line at the dock.

Cliffs to climb in front of you, cliffs to descend behind you. Looks adventurous enough. It’s calling out to you. But you don’t know what’s up there. No plants grow there. Not even a grass. No one can stand the sharp attacks of Bora wind, falling down from the slopes of Velebit mountain, accelerating over the sea surface, coming to the island coast at the speed of 120 km/h. Only the wicked beings live there. Dangerous and lethal. Black widows, the griffon vulture, the horned viper. Even locals go there if only for a good reason. And you… you’re going to run alright.

This is the largest island in the Adriatic that you’re standing on. And not only that you are going to conquer the largest Croatian island on your second day, but you’re also going to climb its highest peak Obzova at 569 meters above sea level. Even more. You’re going to the Moon, you’re going to run on a moon surface. Imagine that. There is a Moon at Krk! The Moon Plateau. Barren piece of white limestone karst land far out of place. 

It’s there on the moon that you will finally meat your 20K peers and join them for the final run of your stage one. Descending from the Moon to the gentle autumn afternoon right in the middle of Mediterranean heaven. Day 2 accomplished. 


This time, you are all in it together!

You are all equal, the 10Ks, the 20Ks & the 40Ks, as you climb the 300-meters uphill at the very beginning of your day 3 on the 4 Islands run.

Go easy on it. You’ve ran two marathons all together on previous two days, and there are two more marathons ahead of you. So, if you weren’t calculating before, now is the good time to start. 

The rough technical terrain will take you to Loznati, picturesque village providing homes for no more then five residents, and the other side of the island. After Loznati, your run continues in the direction of Orlec. Some precaution is recommended as you will run along the asphalt road for some time. And maybe, if you’re really lucky and not completely blinded with salty sweat in your eyes, you will manage to see Vransko Lake, the lake inside the land of the island. The impression will keep you running and will last long enough to keep you company to the finish line.


3 days behind you. 3 battlefields.

3 trail-running arenas surrounded by the sea. But the race is not over yet. You have to do a final push to make it. No more crossing the island, no more over the top. For your final performance at 4 Islands Run we want you to make a full circle around the island. Can you do that? We’ve put a few climbs in it, no worries, we don’t want it to be too easy. The run starts and ends in the Sunshine Cove. On the beach. Just like the run around the island should. First kilometers along the coast will warm your muscles for the first climb up the hill, but unlike the 20K trail that leads to the other side of the island, you will have to get back down to the sea level and reach the other side the long way, the lungo mare way.

Single-track after a single-track. Cove after a cove. The sea so close, it is calling you to take a jump. But you must resist the temptation. You have to keep running. When you reach the southern cape, it’s only a half of your line. The other side of the island is now ready for you. Sun is a bit lower. It strikes your back now, not the face. This is the final effort of your 4-days struggle. It hurts alright, but you’ve overcome the pain, your body can now turn onto auto-pilot mode and leave your mind to contemplate the heaven you’re running through. Single-track after a single track. Cove after a cove. Soon, you’ll see the first roofs in the distance. Civilization. A town. Then another one. It means the whole thing is about to end. All you have to do is the final sprint to the finish line, and all of this will be over for you. Finally.

Until next year.


Looks adventurous enough. It’s calling out to you.

Only the bravest group on the longest course will get to enjoy all of the natural wonders of the four famous islands.


4Islands Stage


4Islands Stage


4Islands Stage


4Islands Stage


in total 160,8km 4.464vm and it’ll probably be the hardest 100 miles of your life.


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