Croatia September 30 - October 03 2020

You're serious, we can tell.

So, you’ve decided to reward yourselves with 20K!?

We can only say: Good for you. You’re going to go through a lot to make those 20K happen. 4 days in a row.



The stone paved streets of Rab town

will gently warm your muscles at the beginning, before the lungo-mare-run through the woods warms your soul. And that’s when you are ready for the real run.

The best part – The Dundo’s Trail! Charming path winding deep in the woods that locals prefer to call by the word of the jungle. Paths mingling around the scattered trees, dropping out at the sandy beaches when you’d least expect it. Don’t blame it on us if you find this part to be your highlight of entire race. It’s not like we don’t know it.

Getting back to the sea level will take you to the final sprint of the day.

At least for a day. There are 3 more days ahead of you. 3 more islands.


Standing on a dock,

a huge stone dock securing the fisherman boats of Baška residents for decades, the early morning sun comes as your friend, warming your skin, pushing away the coastal breeze of Mediterranean autumn. But soon, the sun will turn from a welcome friend into a wicked enemy. Because you’re going to a barren land, a land where no trees grow, no river flows, and no people live.

The limestone mountains surround the Baška valley from both the east and the west sides. You’re going to climb up one of them, and descent down the another. Simple as that. Yet, you don’t know what is waiting for you up there. Not until you get there.

The kingdom of harsh karst,

the homeland of black widows, the griffon vulture, and the horned viper. Watch your step, you’re only a visitor here. A man on the Moon.

The downhill is even rougher than the uphill. Running down from the Moon Plateau, you can already see the roofs of Baška houses, you can see the finish line, you can see the sea calling you to jump in, but serpentine after a serpentine, the end seems to be farer with every step. Rocks rolling beneath your feet. The afternoon sun blinding your eyes. You wish you could fly over the last part, like those paragliders flying in a distance. But, you’re not a flyer. You’re a runner. You were born a runner. And this is your mission.


Right from the starting line you will have the opportunity to check your power tanks.

Serpentine by serpentine you will climb a 300-meters elevation in a single push. This is the test if you chose the right strategy on stages 1 & 2. If you didn’t, well you’re going to have a nice little motivation talk with yourself to make it to the finish on this day.

From the top plateau on, the trail will lead you along the ridge with no significant elevation, but the terrain will become rougher and tougher with every step you make. Until you reach Loznati, and probably meet all of its residents without stopping at all. It’s only five of them living there. And will certainly be happy to see your exhausted faces. Further from Loznati the trail will take you over to the other side of an island, and the old country road will take you to your finish line.


Cove by cove,

Cove by cove, the final day of the race pulls you gradually in, along the lungo mare road. It started in a Sunshine Cove. The sun nourished your chin, bringing fresh energy to your tight muscles. It’s the 4th day of the race after all. But, gone are the rough rocky trails from previous days. Lošinj stage is the runner’s reward. It’s the smooth run, up & down the gorgeous walking paths designed as the pathways to health. Breath in, breath out, it’s the very life that you are breathing.

The trail will take you all over the island, one side to another, though you will not know it. Where are the north & south? Where are the east & west? You will wonder but will care no more.

The life is here and now, no matter where or when you actually are. You are running and that’s all. What can be more important than that? And then, suddenly, from out of nowhere, you enter the town, you hear the cheering, you hear the applause, the crowd wowing, giving you extra strength. You run the streets, the children are handing you water, you are the star in their eyes. You keep on.

And enter the woods. Čikat. The omnipresent forest of stubborn pine trees, defying the winds, the sun, the drought. The winding single-tracks mess your thoughts and your navigation completely. It’s like someone dropped you inside the washing machine. And it doesn’t stop. One curve after another. It drenches you like a centrifuge. And it’s so good. Hope it never stops.


4Islands Stage


4Islands Stage


4Islands Stage


4Islands Stage

We can only say:

Good for you. You’re going to go through a lot to make those 20K happen. 4 days in a row = 85,1km 2.475vm


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