Croatia September 30 - October 03 2020

Is a full marathon

Standing in the starting line surrounded with all those brave women and men who gathered here to conquer the islands. And you among them, determined to make it, a full marathon in four days. It’s the dream come true.

Let’s go!



This is where it all begins.

What would you name an island with 30 sandy beaches and 2,5 thousand hours of sunny weather per year? Yap. You got the impression. The island of Happiness. Rab. Defying tides and armies since the Roman Empire. This is where your run starts. This is what you’ll be running against. The natural beauties and history. Surrounded by the sea.

Why not serve the cake for a start?

From the lanes of the ancient city to the shadow-rich forests of Komrchar, and further away to the green oasis of Kalifront, all happening at zero altitudes, all with the sea by your side. After a slight climb on the 6th kilometer, your line is joining the 20K & 40K lines to bring you all together to the finish line. Oh sorry, it’s the stairs.


starts at the dock

Baška town is lying safely along the wide cove surrounded by the limestone mountains. A barren land of limestone karst. You’re going to conquer one of them. The steeper one. The one from which paragliders fly off in a search of the perfect wind to sail them wings. A single-track will take you there. At times so narrow, you might slip off of the cliff if not watching your step.

And the higher you get, the stronger get the forces of nature. The wind raving tirelessly, harvesting every single sign of life that got stuck in that god-forsaken land. Now you know we mean it serious. Now you know what kind of a race you’ve come to.


From the very start!

With a start signal, you will run along the wall ramp and take a 300-meters climb in a single push.

Serpentine after a serpentine the view will spread before your eyes until it explodes in its full shine as you finally reach the top plateau. Originally a pasture. Take a moment before you leave because the technical part awaits you on the downhill. Tough and demanding run.

Until you reach the olive grove to gently sail your way to the finish line.


is definitely the crème-at-the-top-of-the-cake stage of 4 Islands Run.

And you will find all its best ingredients perfectly matched in its 10k trail. It all starts from the beach, the Sunshine Cove. Please, take a moment to indulge some sun-gazing practice while standing in a starting line, it’s not like you have a start like this on any other race.

But, that’s only a beginning. Starting from the beach, your run will take you deep into the shade of the Čikat pine forest.

This is where locals and their guests go to search for that extra life-flavor called vitality. Designed for long introspective walks and close encounters with mother nature, Čikat is chaotically intertwined with walking paths that spread through the woods in no obvious order. Like it’s intended for a visitor to completely lose the track of direction to the point in which you care no more where is it that you’re heading to and are finally free to embrace your inner self in full capacity. Eventually, you will wander out of the woods and finish the race, only to reckon a final conclusion: What a heck was that?

Well, you will have to come back next year if you want to find the answers.


tells you everything you need to know about 4 Islands Run. Having said that, since 10 K’s is practically a long-distance sprint, there is a lot to appreciate around the race.


4Islands Stage


4Islands Stage


4Islands Stage


4Islands Stage

Is a full marathon

albeit in four stages:  42km   1.212vm

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